Wrestling Requirements and Policy

Paperwork and Fees:

All required paperwork and fees must be turned in BEFORE you can practice. Paperwork was handed out during the pre-season meeting and is available from coaching staff. Fees include $60.00 participation fee, $25.00 activity fee (if not already paid), and optional white fee $25.00. The white fee supplies a t-shirt and shorts for wrestlers. White fee orders will be placed November 28th and only if fee has been paid.

School Attendance and Academic Policy:

School policy requires that you must be in class every period every day or have an exempt absence to practice or compete that day. Exempt absences must be documented to school policy. BSHS Wrestlers are Student-Athletes and therefore are required to meet Academic Eligibility requirements as set forth by Big Sky High School policy in order to participate in wrestling.

Citizenship and Alcohol & Drug Policy:

Big Sky High School Wrestlers serve as ambassadors of the school, whether at home or away. Coaches will determine the travel wear schedule. Wrestlers are also expected to conduct themselves in a legal, ethical, moral and healthy manner. Big Sky High School Wrestling Coaches fully support and enforce the Missoula County Public School’s policy on Citizenship and Alcohol & Drug Use. Do not let yourself, your team, your coaches, your family or your school down by engaging in inappropriate, offensive or illegal behavior.

Practice Schedule:

Monday – Friday at 3:20. All practices are considered mandatory to be eligible to complete. Wrestlers must have 10 mandatory practices in to be eligible for competition. Mandatory attendance in school and at every practice is required to be eligible to compete and be eligible to letter.

Wrestler Hygiene:

Wrestlers must shower after practice and tournaments. Wash workout clothing daily and equipment regularly. Keep watch on any skin conditions (cover any cuts or abrasions) and report anything to your Coaches.

Weight Certifications:

The lowest weight class a wrestler can wrestle is established by a Weight Certification given by a medical doctor at the beginning of the wrestling season. However, Coaches do not expect the wrestlers to cut weight or drop to the weight listed on the certification.


A wrestler can challenge any weight class in which he has been certified. Wrestlers are to inform the coach at practice that they want to challenge for a varsity, junior varsity or freshmen position.

Lettering Requirements:

To letter in wrestling, you must have excellent academic and practice attendance, meet all eligibility requirements to participate and contribute a certain number of team points at the varsity level. Team point requirement will be determined by the coaches.

Travel Information:

Your coaches will inform you as to when you will be excused from class to go to meets and tournaments. Do not leave class prior to this approved time. You are expected to travel to and from meets and tournaments with the team. If you have prior, written approval from Big Sky High School’s administration AND your parents have a face to face meeting with the coach, you may go home with your parents. This will require planning on your part.

Equipment Usage:

Wrestling equipment is owned by Big Sky High School. Each wrestler will receive a bag, headgear and warm up pants that will stay with them through the season. Singlets and warm up tops will be turned in after each dual/tournament and assigned back out after challenges. It is expected that you treat all equipment with care and return it in proper condition. Please, only air-dry the singlets. All equipment will be returned at the end of the season. Big Sky High School will enforce the equipment use policy in the event that gear isn’t returned.

We are working on fundraising efforts for more uniforms and warm ups. Parents and wrestlers are encouraged to assist in these efforts to support our team.


Big Sky High School Managers help keep the mats clean, record video for the coaches, track equipment, keep stats for divisional seeding and record keeping, and anything else that the coaches may need. They are members of the wrestling team and serve very important services for the team. Please thank them for their efforts and treat them with respect.

Team Coolers:

In the past, a team cooler was provided when the wrestlers traveled. This year, a team cooler will only be provided for Divisionals and State. Wrestlers will need to bring their own funds or food during tournaments this year. Since the team coolers have been funded by parents, we will request donations as we get closer to Divisionals and State.

Annual John Fisher Memorial Tournament:

Assistance is needed with putting on the tournament. Setup, clean up, table workers, concession workers, bracketing, marshalling, etc have needs to fill. Parents also provide a dish for the Hospitality Room that provides refreshments for the coaches, officials and volunteers.

Logo Wear for Purchase:

BSHS Wrestling has logo wear available for parents, fans & wrestlers to purchase. All orders must be pre-paid. The only order will be placed with our vendor November 29th. Please turn orders in by November 28th to Lori Kemmer. Please write your check to Big Sky High School and keep it separate from your registration fee.

Wrestler Support and Avoiding “Burn-Out”:

Wrestling is an individual as well as a team sport. Wrestlers need the support of their parents, teammates, coaches and the High School to be successful on and off the mat. Hearing positive encouragement from the stands, whether our wrestlers win or lose their match, makes a tremendous difference in a wrestler’s love of the sport, enthusiasm for participation, sportsmanship and desire to learn and grow. Wrestlers are expected to have fun, do their best, better themselves on and off the mat which includes their academic work. Supporters are expected to take the wins and losses with the same level of sportsmanship that our wrestlers are required. Consider carpooling with fellow parents and show your support for our wrestlers by attending the duals and tournaments.